Thursday, July 9, 2009


The Rain in Spain stays Mainly On the Plain!

I have been on vacation. Since June third it has been go, go , go around here and I haven't managed to keep up on this blog business. Quick recap is in order:

Dan and I spent our fifteenth anniversary in Spain at my dear Spanish sister Marula's wedding. It was an incredible event, fit for kings, movie stars, or well, just cool people like us. I tried every crazy food once. Some twice... some not so much... I would recommend the gazpacho soup over lobster and of course the paella was excellent.

Marula gave me her bouquet! It made me cry to think she would honor me that way! We will always be sisters, no matter time nor distance!

Dan and I found this great little cafe just off the beach and as we sat waiting for our food I had one of those moments where you just feel complete happiness. I had to put time in a bottle the only way I know how, I took a picture! What a beautiful place!

We visited many old cathedrals, fortresses, and saw one old town from the twelfth century that could have been right out of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean".

One warning: Beware of the beaches, you can't believe the "free spirits" there. Shocking!

The best part of our trip? Coming home and hearing the delighted screams from our kids. We felt like rock stars. Macy said every day for several weeks. "I missed you Mommy. You went to pain didn't you? I missed you. Don't go again, ok?" We missed them too, but they were in great hands! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Browning and Grandma and Grandpa Bryan for helping out! We love ya tons.

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Browning Buzz said...

Like the title of this post.My sisters and I used to say that phrase when we were somewhere and wanted to leave. That was our verbal cue that it was time to go. Looks like fun times in Spain! Where are you going on vacation next(besides Henry's Lake)?